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How to FIX “Emotional Eating” (Easy Quick Method)

February 11, 2021
How to FIX "Emotional Eating"

Comfort food.

If you’re thinking mac’n’cheese or fries…that’s NOT what I’m talking about…you see…

Food is  linked with emotions in everyone.

Enjoying a meal on a special occasion, a birthday cake, or a romantic dinner…

Going back even further, sweet breast milk when you were a baby, snacks after school, hot chocolate as a kid, homemade cookies, or candy which your mom gave you while your dad’s back was turned.

Often sweet foods take us back to our childhood pleasures.

It’s no surprise, then, that we often gravitate towards these types of food when we have an intense need for comfort.

Comfort food means that you’re eating to make up for a negative emotion.

Get me?

Maybe you do this too often which is why this tip will be super useful for you…

Because the problem is that this kind of emotional healing comes into play in lots of different situations:

– A difficult day at work
– An argument with someone you’re close to
– Money troubles
– A breakup
– The slightest annoyance

The problem comes when every negative feeling automatically calls for a sweet (or savory) treat.

Falling into this vicious cycle of eating comfort food means eating as soon as you’re unhappy, gaining weight, then feeling bad because you’ve put on weight, and then starting to eat again to relieve the pain of having a body which doesn’t match who you are on the inside.

Of course, you could take on an crash diet, stop everything, and lose a lot of weight.


It’s very likely that whatever diet, if it’s too intense, will have the opposite effect:

Once that period of deprivation is over, we dive straight back into food as if we’re putting our slippers on after spending the day in horrendously painful heels.

And that’s yet another reason why crash dieting is deadly.

Fortunately these 3 incredible remedies exist to tackle and CUT emotional eating:

Anti-craving drops:

Pour 8ml of grapefruit essential oil and 2ml high quality chamomile oil into a 10ml glass vial (which you can buy online).

As soon as you feel the need to give into the desire for a comfort food, pour a drop of this mix onto the inside of your wrist, rub your wrists together, and then close your eyes, bring your wrists to your nose, and breathe deeply.

Pour another drop onto the back of your hand and lick it.

Your nose and taste buds will be saturated with relaxing aromatic molecules which will ease your craving instantly.

Detox water:

Mix 1 to 1.5 liters of flavored water, which you should keep with you at all times in a little bottle.

Every time you want to snack, especially between 11AM and 4PM, drink this flavored water, as it’s calorie free and it’ll comfort you more than regular water.

You could make a cold infusion with pieces of in-season fruit (except for bananas), fresh mint, cucumber, celery, lemon, citrus peel, green tea, dried herbs, dried orange blossom… it all depends on your personal taste and what you have to hand.

Calming breathing:

Every time you feel upset, stressed, sad, or basically when you reach a point when you’re about to use food as a way to comfort yourself, try this breathing exercise.

Breathe in through your nose, inflating your stomach as if you were blowing up a balloon.

Breathe out slowly through your mouth as if you were breathing through a straw, and try to relax the muscles in your upper body while you deflate your belly bit by bit.

Do this 5 to 10 times.

I know that these are just little techniques which won’t change your relationship with food, but they will help you to get past the cravings until you don’t need food to ease your emotional suffering anymore.

And listen to the awesome audio track from the Flat Belly Tonic members’ area when you’re relaxed.

This is a powerful “stress reset” that gets to the root of your emotional eating habits.