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How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

February 11, 2021

If you are not yet enjoying this new, comforting and delicious hot beverage before bed, you are missing out on an opportunity to shed pounds of belly fat WHILE you sleep.

Some folks using it right now are even getting a bit nervous about how fast the scale is dropping. 

However, the reason it works so fast is perfectly explained in the new scientific research used to create this amazing pre-bed beverage that melts belly fat. 

It only takes seconds to mix up this soothing hot drink before bed:

=>1 Cup Before Bed Shrinks Your Belly Overnight

Let me know how much you end up losing ok…

Is Exercise Harming your Body?

Long jogging sessions…

Even though they may appear to be the best solution for losing fat, are a trick (some people even call them a scam).

They cause you to lose a lot of water, use a lot of energy, and ruin your knees if you’re overweight.

Here’s why cardio exercise in general is bad for anyone who wants to lose weight.

– Cardio isn’t good for gaining muscle mass, it’s even worse for boosting your metabolism, and it tends to lead to huge cravings.

– After a long cardio session like a 45 minute jog, your body’s going to have a kind of dual reflex: store fat for next time, and slow down your metabolism to encourage your body to store fuel.

– What’s more, most people have sugary food and drink before and/or after cardio, to avoid having severe episodes of hypoglycemia.

All in all, it’s a counterproductive reflex: you don’t get thinner by giving your body more calories.

On the other hand, you really can lose fat by doing just 15 minutes of body movements, three times a week.

How? By boosting your metabolism for the other days of the week.

This is your internal generator: the higher your metabolism, the faster your body burns fuel.

People who have a slow metabolism find in more difficult to lose weight, even when they don’t eat a lot, because the human body does everything it can to protect its energy reserves.

Cardio like running on a treadmill or cycling on an exercise bike (or even jogging in the park) won’t boost your metabolism.

However short, sharp body movements will really make you burn fat and increase your metabolism for hours.

This type of training also has the advantage of increasing your sensitivity to insulin, which means that you won’t start storing too much energy.

For truly satisfying results, you’re going to have to do one HIIT sprinting session and two HIIT strength sessions per week.

Strength training with weights and dumbbells, or even with bodyweight exercises, will help you gain muscle mass.

This is going to replace the fat in your body (thanks to the high protein, low carb diet that you’ve adopted).

The result: the more muscle you have, the more fat you’re going to burn, even while you’re sleeping.

No you WON’T bulk up with strength training if you’re a lady. It’s a myth.

It’s in your best interest to build muscle rather than tiring yourself out and dehydrating yourself on a treadmill!

Don’t forget to warm up for 5 minutes before every session, and do a bit of stretching afterwards.

The most important thing is not to forget to walk for 20 minutes each day on an empty stomach (note that I said walk, don’t run)

You could do this in the morning before eating, or after you’ve taken the kids to school, for example.

You could also walk to work, never mind if you’ve already eaten breakfast: the important thing is to walk for 20 minutes or more.

You should also walk in the evening, for example on your way home from work. Even if you’re taking public transport, just take the bus/subway a few stops further, or get off earlier.

You should also note that a good walk is also a good way of relaxing before you get home. It’s a good way of putting your work problems to one side before you face your home life.

This means that it’s a good way of relieving stress.

Stress? This is also one of the most common causes of weight gain and probably part of what’s making it difficult for you to lose weight.

Warning: These Toxins Make It Impossible To Melt Unwanted Fat

You probably know that your couch could be a reason why you find it difficult to lose weight…but did you know….

This isn’t just because you’re sitting on it, but because of the chemicals it contains.

It’s true…

The chemicals present in our furniture, food, and surroundings can cause internal disruption to our hunger hormones cause terrible rebound weight gain.

Some of these industrial toxins are call “endocrine disruptors”….

Let’s take the nasty chemicals called PFAS, or Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances.

By the way, these were banned in Europe in 2009.

In the US however, chemical lobbies have managed to keep them legal with the help of their government “friends”.

You may come across them in:

– Non-stick pans (watch out for worn out pans which release PFAS into food)

– Fire- and stain-resistant furniture

– Wallpaper

– Waterproof clothes

– Stain-resistant coatings

– Dental floss

– Paper plates

– Disposable tablecloths

– Shower curtains

– Card or cardboard food packaging

– Popcorn packaging

– Cosmetics

– Household products

– Floor polish

– Waterproofing products

– Carpet and rug cleaning products

So what to do?

1. Don’t buy cheap non-stick pans

And be wary of cheap utensils as they may have PFAS in their coating.

Use stainless steel cooking utensils, iron pans which will become non-stick with age or non-stick pans covered with an environmentally friendly material (ceramic or stone).

2. Avoid storing food in plastics

Need to store food, maybe in a lunchbox or a bento box? Get a few made of stainless steel, or where the inside cover at least is made of stainless steel.

You can find tons of them on the internet.

3. Check your furniture

Watch out for  second hand furniture from 1970-2000 (couches, armchairs), who are probably packed with flame retardants and other stain-resistant products which use PFAS.

Replace this toxic garbage.

4. Natural cleaning detergents

Household products which aren’t labeled as being environmentally friendly are presumed to be toxic.

We all use these sometimes (think of cleaning the toilet) but for your kitchen, get yourself a natural based cleaning detergent.

They work just as well, if not better.

White vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and lemon make excellent natural, anti-limescale antibacterial cleaners if you add tea tree essential oil (watch out, vinegar plus bicarbonate of soda gets very frothy. Make sure that you always dilute vinegar with at least ¾ water).

5. Clean up your personal hygiene, clothes and cosmetic products

Always choose organic or green label products. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on products, then coconut oil, shea butter and Aloe Vera are three products which are great for your face and body.

Use these on their own or in a combination to make your own skincare creams depending on your own needs.

Wear clothes made of natural materials – organic if possible.

Environmentally friendly clothes are still a bit expensive and hard to find, but more and more brands are offering clothes with organic cotton, which is a start!

Remember, PSASs can mess up your hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin, and increase levels of estrogen.

Ever suffer from rebound weight gain? Harvard scientists say the chemical disruption these hormones cause is a key factor in it.

Of course, following the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic blueprint will help your body get rid of these evil chemicals.

It’s your job to make sure they’re not coming back soon by removing them from your surroundings.

Why is lower stomach fat so hard to get rid of?

Everyone has hormones, but if yours are out of balance, they could lead to excess stomach fat. As women age, they find it much harder to lose belly fat than men, mainly due to a decrease in the hormone oestrogen.

How to reduce my lower belly fat or abdominal fat?

  1. Exercise
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Lifestyle Management

What are the best exercises for reducing belly fat?

Full body exercises such as burpees, squats, cleans, lunges, push-ups, step-ups and pull-ups should make up the majority of your workout routine and they’re really going to be the best exercises to lose belly fat.

There are no fast tricks to get rid of lower belly fat. You need to have a holistic approach (exercise, diet, and lifestyle management) to obtain positive and sustainable results.

How To GET RID Of Lower Belly Fat For Men (This ONE Exercise!)

Avoid sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks

Studies show that added sugar has uniquely harmful effects on metabolic health. (see)